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Haunting Beauty

departuresOccasionally a movie and its music are so welled matched that that the combination slips toward magical dimensions. I found that kind of enchantment with the Japanese movie Departures. The movie is a portrayal of treatment of the just-dead, done in such a way that you might find touching and thought provoking. There’s very little dying in the movie; the supporting characters have mostly passed that point.

A side effect of the movie was that I gained a new appreciation for the cello. Sometimes a melody resonates so vibrantly in your brain that it keeps transporting you. To somewhere. Else.

It’s probably best to see the movie first (Netflix currently works; consult youngsters for other ways to find it) before the music, but hopefully sampling the a  piece or two won’t ruin anything. Miraculously enough, the songs don’t seem readily available on iTunes at this point. But YouTube can take care of that, as those youngsters can tell (and show) you. (#18 and #19 are my favorites)

Sweet Dreams


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