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Creative writing teachers take note — sometimes you just can’t make up this kind of fiction. While perusing the web for a place to stay for a couple nights in Venice, I came across a hotel review that was complete with mystery and intrigue. Two people describe the same episode, each spinning their own tale and both appear to be sincere attempts to describe what happened. There were clearly some language issues, an emotional meltdown, and expectation differences — that latter point indicating some good marketing work by the hotel. Well, good until you arrived, to the travellers.

Click/Tap HERE for the stories – the ‘Absolute Scam!’ review. And vote for your favorite version.

And if you’re a writing teacher, this would make a good creative writing assignments: Create a tale of an episode described from two opposing viewpoints, both of which are true to the respective parties.

Scam or friendly hosts? You decide.


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