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Disorienting Google Bug

There’s nothing better than finding a bug in a world class product. In this case it’s in Google, no less. I need to post this quickly before the bug goes away.

Here’s the recipe:

1. Go to Google today (Jan 20), with Firefox (doesn’t happen in IE or Chrome). This displays the clever Kennedy-Google logo. (I’m in interactive Google mode, by the way.)

2. Click on the Kennedy header to see the Kennedy search items.

3. Click ‘back’ to go back to the main Google search bar.

The bug: no search bar available in this case, as shown in the second figure. Weird.  (Although I could photo-edit to make this, these pictures are un-edited.) There’s no way to enter search text.

This may be a mild Firefox error since it doesn’t happen with competing web browsers. But it’s more fun to blame it on Google.

Besides, it’s disorienting to see the Google page without a search bar. I had to check my sanity by having someone else repeat this on their computer. When you have a hole in your head, you find yourself doing that sanity-checking thing occasionally.

[Update: some colleagues inform me that Firefox is sooooo very-early-21st century and they’ve now moved on to Chrome. This is in part because of the drag-capable breakaway tabs. This almost tempted me to become more modern when I realized that Firefox supports such tabs as well. And under certain conditions it gives the cool no-search Google feature. Not all users see it, though.]


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