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I recently came across a simple-to-learn speed reading recipe and decided to try it. My reading speed is about average, I think. But I quickly found that even without much practice, I can cover reading material about 50% faster with fairly high comprehension.

The speed reading bit I stumbled across is on pages 85-86 of 4HWW, and then I got curious enough to actually buy an Evelyn Wood speed reading book on ebay for $1 (ok, with $4 shipping) and zipped through that. Both recommend similar approaches, but the first one is less than two pages long, so I’d start there!

I decided to try it on a small book on the bookshelf that doubles as my reading queue. The book has the  intriguing title of The Prodigal God. This is the first book that I can say this about: The most significant thought, to me, came from the short introduction chapter. Fortunately the rest of the book was pretty good, too.Prodigal God That key thought was related to the meaning of prodigal, i.e. recklessly extravagant. In the parable formerly known as The Prodigal Son, you may recall the wasteful spending of the younger brother. Now transform that notion a bit and consider a more prodigal character in this tale, the father. And then take the next step to imagine an extraordinarily well equipped Resource taking part in reckless extravagance … in your direction. If done  correctly, this could send a shiver down your spine. Worth a few seconds of reflection, anyway.

And by the way, if you ever noticed that religious types have a few problems, you might like how this book addresses that, too. And you might discover that you have an ally in that thinking, namely the guy that is the reason for calling this day Good Friday. Good, because if I’ve got it right, it ironically features the most important death in all history.

Because I wanted to make sure I was actually comprehending the book while blazing along at a-bit-faster-than-not-very-fast, I sped read it twice for practice. I rarely read books twice, but in this case it was a good choice.


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