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Brain Attacked

Christmas around my siblings can be a hazardous event. There’s always the danger of becoming the object of a “theme,” and this year’s little surgical event of mine seems to have drawn some attention. Here is a set of gifts I gathered to celebrate this occasion. Among the books, I’d probably recommend the Brain in Your Pocket book, though I haven’t made it too far through most of them.


Although it’s tempting to make some brain jello with the mold, I’d rate the USB Brain Mouse, in the lower center of that previous picture, as the top among these gifts. Since my company sold a few zillion USB mouse chips in the past, I was of course obligated to open this one up and see if our chip was in it. No such luck. Looked like the rival HP chip with the integrated LED stuff. Bummer. I’ll try not to hold that against this m0use from the Swiss Pat Says Now company which focuses on visually clever designs.

Given my history with the mouse chips, I’ve tried out a lot of mice over the years. My favorite company continues to be Logitech, another Swiss company. (Historical note: my first reason to get a passport was for a trip to visit them, outside the small town of Morges on Lake Geneva, with JoAnn years ago.) Their VX Revolution is my current favorite; tracks great on any surface and I’m completely addicted to the free-spinning wheel.

Here’s a close up on the Brain Mouse. By the way, the guy happens to be pointing to the approximate location of my scar.



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I’ve been designing chips too long, and need to try something bigger. My daughter has been helpful in pointing out a couch design website, here. It features some cutting edge design work.

It’s hard to pick just one good one here. You might consider the cow design.



There’s one using ‘patchwork’ that reminds me of a loveseat at our house, which has acquired the name ‘happy couch’ due to its slightly festive look. Ours looks downright subdued compared to that patchwork thing.

My engineering mind, or what’s left of it, can’t help but be tempted by the accordian like couch.  (Additional videos can be seen after you view this.)

A quick calculation indicates that if I covered a typical sofa with a single layer of our most popular chip, it would take about 500,000 of them. Yep, time to move up in the world.

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